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My trip is next week. As such, there has been a lot of running around, getting last minute items I just can’t possibly live without (that I could almost surely live without). I’ve also been looking at that 10 Day forecast with increasing regularity.

The forecast has been both good and bad and in-between and in my experience the 10 day forecast is about as accurate as earthquake prediction (in that, it isn’t).

Not fishing, not catching, most like running from the storm in Sunny FL

Not fishing, not catching, most like running from the storm in Sunny FL

The base truth is that the weather is a crap shoot. It could be glorious and it could be horrible and it is likely to be a bit of both because it is the Bahamas and it is February.

What is more important than the weather, in terms of a trip being a success or not, is likely the attitude I bring to the trip. If a day of rain or cloud is going to ruin the trip I stand a great chance of having the trip ruined. If I look at the thing as a grand adventure and prepare myself for nothing more than drinking rum and Kalik and looking at the water, well… maybe low expectations really is the key to happiness.

So… I’m ready, mentally, regardless of the forecast or even the actual weather. It will be an adventure.

(I’ll still look at the forecast a few more times though)

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  1. Wading in the rain is not too bad, being in a boat in the rain, not so good.

  2. Have fun! You’ll be on vacay, have a chance at some bones in the wilderness, have some good buddies to hang with… More than most of us have right now, haha.

  3. Rick VanderMeulen

    Total Freaken Jealous…no matter what the weather. A couple of years ago, I had to wear 3 micro fleeces, face mask, to stay warm with winds in the 30+ mphs…till had the time of my life. Enjoy your trip!

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