That looks fun: South Caicos

Came across a message board posting (see it here) for a trip to South Caicos.  This Caicos is part of the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Place looks beautiful with just miles and miles of wadable flats with some good looking bonefish.

As with most of these kinds of things, this is not a cheap kind of thrill.  The price tag, after airfare and tips is $4,500 or there abouts.  This trip is offered by Angling on the Fly.  Of course, that trip is about $3,500 too expensive for me at the present time (see, I’m an optimist).

The place is tiny… less than 2000 people live there, which is going to limit your options for DIY in terms of services offered.  There is at least one B&B and a few restaurants. There is a general S. Caicos info page here.  A search for DIY fishing reports doesn’t turn much up.  There is reference to a really large sand flat that’s hard to get to, but beyond that… can’t find much.

Another place for the “That looks fun” file.

S. Caicos Bonefish… yes please.

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