The Avalon

When I head down to Cuba in… like… a WEEK, I’ll be on a media tour heading out with some folks from Yellow Dog (they aren’t selling trips to Cuba, fyi) and we’ll be fishing with Avalon.

One thing that that Avalon is known for is their fly… the Avalon fly. This is supposed to be a permit-getter and while I think where I’m headed is less known for permit, there is a chance I’ll be throwing to one.

I tied up a few last night. I didn’t have the tan marabou so I substituted materials, but I think that I got the concept more or less right.

My Avalon... maybe it will work, maybe it won't.

A week from today I start the journey. Countdown in full effect.

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  1. Hi Bjorn, For the Avalon fly, I substitute the metal beads with glass beads. In my “minds eye” the less “non-fly” a bone/permit can see…the better!

    See?…there ‘are’ constructive uses for elipses!

    PS, trust me! Tie up some topwater bugs for the baby poons…you won’t be sorry!


  2. Thanks Henry. I tied up about a half dozen gurglers in different colors a few nights ago. I brought a couple down to Andros with me, but I used synthetic marabou on those, which fouled around the hook. This time I just used the real stuff.

    I would use glass beads, but I don’t think I have any that big!

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