The Bahamas are about to get 7.5% more expensive

If you are headed to the Bahamas, you may want to know about the soon-to-be-implemented Value Added Tax (VAT).

What is a VAT? Here ya go… answers here.

The tax is basically a way to broaden the tax base to get more revenue for the Bahamian government. This tax includes services, like guide services, which means your trip just got a little bit more expensive. The tax does replace a hotel tax of 10%, which you were likely paying.

Hopefully the tax will help pay for better services for the Bahamian people.

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  1. Yes… that’s what it is, just on a much wider range of items, including services… like that lodge stay.

  2. The Vat tax only applies to individuals and business that gross over 100,000 a year. This wouldn’t apply to the guides working there and wouldn’t apply to the smaller lodges.


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