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(This starts this weekend, so I’m reporting it)

I got my copy of the Drake on Friday and saw “The Big Year Contest.”I love this.

Really cool idea.
Really cool idea.

The idea takes a page out of the idea of “The Big Year” in bird watching (there is a movie of the same name with Steve Martin and Jack Black). The Big Year is all about number of species. It isn’t size or numbers, but species.

The Drake is going to track this on their Facebook page starting on April 26th.

I’ve long enjoyed the many different species one can catch on a fly. I’m apt to throw at any fish that might even consider eating a fly, even if it isn’t considered much of a game fish. Blind casting into cuts in the tropics often yields some really interesting fish, always a bonus on any flats trip.

I look forward to seeing some unusual fish show up.

There is gear up for grabs, as you might expect. Sponsors include Redington, Sage, Yeti, William Joseph, Smith Optics and RIO.

Get your copy of the magazine to see all the details.

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  1. Jonathan Winthrop

    Heading Andros way soon. Can’t remember your opinions of Sage ONE vs. Orvis H2.. (Love my H1, need back up). Twelve year old Litespeeds still OK, but thinking at least one might need to go to the shelf. From Cuba and Long Island trips whats did you like and why?


  2. Hey Jonathan. Here’s what I’d say. I loved both the Sage ONE and H2. I’ve fished with the H2 a little more, but they feel very comparable to me at this point. They are both very light, yet powerful rods. I might side with the H2, but it is very close.

    As far as the reels go… in Cuba I fished with an F1 from Ross and kind of loved it. In Long Island I fished with the Helios from Orvis. I liked the F1 best, but again, it was a tight race and I’d probably only give the F1 a small edge.

    Hope that helps.

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