The Challenge

I may be facing my greatest challenge yet.

At the end of the month my wife leaves one job and will soon start another. In-between there is a week of down time and that week will largely be spent in the Keys.

The Keys = Beautiful

The Keys = Beautiful

The point of the get-away is to give my wife some down time between gigs (she’s a pediatric pulmonologist). She works hard, really hard, and she deserves the break.

So, how do I do a trip to the Keys and not have it devolve into a fishing trip, while still managing to do a little fishing?

Failure would be me sneaking off to fish and leaving her with the baby. Failure would also be me not getting any casts in. I am incapable of being near water and not fishing. It is just not an ability I poses.

The balance… weighted towards relaxing vacation for the wife.

Yes… that’s the challenge.

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