Nov 18

Five Generations of Bones

Cool little video on the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust homepage at the moment which tells the story of bonefish spawning patterns, uncovered by science.

We’ve long suspected some of this stuff, but now we know. Populations are connected. Most bonefish DON’T travel from Andros to the Florida Keys, but their little, tiny, adorable bonefish babies don’t stay put. They travel on the currents from Andros to Cuba, around Cuba and up to the Keys. So, that monster West Side bonefish will beget that monster Keys bonefish, just in a few generations.

That means Bahamas conservation and Cuban conservation are really Florida bonefish conservation. That’s pretty key to know.

Consider joining BTT this holiday season. They do great work.

Norman tagging a bonefish for BTT

Jan 18

#OneCoast and Costa

Well… Costa… good stuff.

I recommend you watch and support their efforts. Looking forward to seeing you again, Keys… looking forward to it.

Go on… book a trip in the Keys.

May 15

Florida is happening

Davin spanking a baby

Davin spanking a baby

Two years ago I went to fish Florida for the first time. I had a block about fishing Florida for a long time. Florida, I was told, was hard. Like really hard. It wasn’t a place to go if you wanted to catch fish if you couldn’t make a 300 foot cast in a hurricane. Oh, and the guides would yell at you, maybe tell you were were a bit overweight and that no one really liked you..

I wasn’t ready for Florida.

But in 2013 I went anyway. It was tough and wet and I didn’t catch that many fish, but I also realized just how much of the center of the sport Florida really is. If you fly fish for bones or tarpon or permit, you need to come here, to experience it, to test your metal.

I went back last year and I’m going back again this year. I’m going back and most of the crew from 2013 is heading back too. Davin and Matt are going to be there, Eric is coming too, I have a day fishing with Derek and there will even be some new additions.

It feels good to have a trip on the books, but even better when it is a reunion of friends, far flung, geographically dispersed and coming back together.

I’m excited about the Keys, about seeing old friends, making new memories.

Who knows… maybe it will rain every day again and we will get in 2 hour of fishing, but even if that happens, I know I’ll still have a pretty good time.

Sep 14

The Challenge

I may be facing my greatest challenge yet.

At the end of the month my wife leaves one job and will soon start another. In-between there is a week of down time and that week will largely be spent in the Keys.

The Keys = Beautiful

The Keys = Beautiful

The point of the get-away is to give my wife some down time between gigs (she’s a pediatric pulmonologist). She works hard, really hard, and she deserves the break.

So, how do I do a trip to the Keys and not have it devolve into a fishing trip, while still managing to do a little fishing?

Failure would be me sneaking off to fish and leaving her with the baby. Failure would also be me not getting any casts in. I am incapable of being near water and not fishing. It is just not an ability I poses.

The balance… weighted towards relaxing vacation for the wife.

Yes… that’s the challenge.

(Comments are still broken. Trying to get a fix.)

Oct 12

The Keys, Coming to Me

It isn’t often you get the Keys to show up in your mailbox. Really, I would have thought they were way too big to do that. However, that’s what just happened.

Bill Horn’s book “Seasons on the Flats” arrived today and it appears to be a really excellent primer for Keys Bound anglers. This isn’t a “how-to” or “Where are they biting” kind of book. It follows the season, the main sections of the book tracking with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and you get a sense of what is happening with the keys, the history and ecology of the place.

Another thing I dig about the book is that the illustrations are done by Bob White, who has some serious skills on full display.

Get this book.

The Keys, in book form.