The decline of the Key bonefish

My one Florida Bonefish

My one Florida Bonefish

An article by Bill Horn, via BTT, via The Angling Report.

Things are not going swimmingly for bonefish in the Keys. The numbers are down in the place where bonefish became a species to pursue. It’s a bit chilling.

I heard these stories when we were down in Florida last summer. I heard plenty of stories about how bones were getting harder to find and how redfish, more and more often, were the fish you found on the bonefish flats.

The article is a good read and a must-read if you live in, or plan to visit, Florida.

Veteran Keys guides and anglers saw a direct connection to bonefish, too. When the C-111 Canal was opened in south Dade County to dry up adjacent lands for farming and to divert water away from Taylor Slough (inside ENP) and Florida Bay, Jimmie Albright predicted trouble for upper Keys bonies, and he was right.

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