Florida’s memorable moments

I wanted to share a few memorable moments from the FL trip. Every trip has those little nuggets and they are what sticks with us.

  • The moment, fishing with Martin Carranza (website, blog) and Adrienne in Biscayne Bay that the cuda I had on the line came up to the surface and flared it’s gills like a tarpon. So awesome.
  • Being on Derek Rust’s (Captderekrust@gmail.com) boat with Davin, telling stories and hearing about Derek’s guiding experiences, and blowing some shots at big tarpon.
Derek and Davin, rocking the Skinny Water Culture

Derek and Davin, rocking the Skinny Water Culture

  • Hearing my rod tip buzz while wading a flat with Matt. Asking Matt if he was buzzing and him confirming it. (Next time, I’m going to GTFO of there instead of staying around, looking for fish)
  • Seeing my first meatball of tarpon raging down a flat while fishing with Bill Horn and Adrienne. Man… so. many. fish.
  • Listening to Eric Estrada talk about his permit paintings.

It was a good trip.


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  1. Doug Jeffries

    The appearances and scale texture of lookdowns is one of the coolest. They’re sort of translucent, light seems to actually shine from within them. They eat a big fly for such a small mouth too.

  2. Scott Elliott

    Fished the Keys in February before the Bones were in. Got a few jacks, a barracuda, and a ballyhoo, of all things, while blindcasting. So I agree with you. That said, if there’s fish to sight fish to, all the better… Wishing I’d taken a picture of that ballyhoo. Odd fish they are.

  3. The first fish I caught on a fly was a lookdown. Caught it on a four weight with a bead-head nymph on the end. I was pretty happy. They are very cool fish.

  4. Whoa! Rod tip buzzing! GTFO has nothing on what I’d be doing! Glad you had good time with friends and fish.; What its all about!

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