The Hook of Choice

Which is your favorite?

Which is your favorite?

I’ve tied a fair number of bonefish flies in the last few years. In that time I’ve tied on many different brands of hooks. I’ve tied on whatever I’ve had available, really. I haven’t given much thought to the pluses and minuses of the hooks. It only mattered if they had a pointy end and an eye and were in the right size. So, when I asked on Facebook if people had a favorite brand/style of hook, I was surprised at the number of replies and the strong feelings people had.

I’d love to get more thoughts from you folks about what you like to tie on.  Comment and let me know WHY you tie on what you do.

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  1. Provide a snail mail address and I’ll send you some samples of Grip hooks, which come barbless. I now tie all of my bonefish flies on them.

  2. I can’t believe my eyes. The below average TMC 811S in second place?
    At least TRY another hook.
    My favourites: Daiichi X452 and Gamakatsu SC15

  3. Clearly we need to get more votes on this. Spread the word!

  4. TMC 811s is my hook of choice. I have tied with it for eight years now and have always found them to be wonderfully sharp. I have yet to have one bend. I am puzzled by the “below average” comment above. I have tied with the SC15 for tarpon but greatly prefer the TMC for bones.

  5. I use the Mustad for the Yellow-white clouser.

  6. I don’t get overly concerned or excited about hooks for bonefish. Hooking them isn’t a problem. Shank length and gap opening for the style of fly plays a bigger role for me. Although, I’m beginning to like the thinner wire, tinned hooks over the stainless hooks because they’ll corrode and fall out faster if I do happen to bust off a fish or a fish cuts me off on corral.

  7. Orvis might get more votes if they sold their own hooks rather that Gamakatsu! I like the thinness of the Gamakatsu. Do they weigh less than a comparable: Tiemco 811S?

  8. Easy: Mustad C70SD (Big Game) in #6,#4, and #2.

    For me hook selection for bones comes down to strength/fish size. The Mustad Big Game’s are (so far) the strongest hooks I’ve tested. For the #4 version you can apply 15-lbs of pressure and (although it will open slightly) it will spring back unchanged. This is incredible for such a light-wire hook.

    The Mustad C47SD (Shrimp) #6 will open significantly at 12-lbs and stay open.

    The Gamakatsu C14S (whatever that is) in a #2 will open some at 15-lbs, but not nearly as bad as the Mustad Shrimp. Of course, the #2 is a significantly thicker wire than the #6 Mustad.

    About the worst I tested were Targus and the venerable Mustad 34007 hooks which were like paperclips, even though the Mustad’s are stainless. They both open easily at 9 and 12 pounds, respectively. Save your money and forget about them.

    For those who don’t think hook strength matters when bonefishing then I’d respectfully suggest they’re using much too light a tippet or might want to rethink the knots they use. I’ve regularly had guests open standard store-bought flies on bones using 12-lb tippet. The mangled hook makes a nice souvenir.

  9. Damn Davin… that’s some really solid feedback.

  10. I respect your experience, Davin, but I’m wondering if you have the old Mustad 34007 in mind? That hook had a well-deserved poor reputation. The recent Mustad s71sz-3700 is its replacement and while a tad heavy, seems more than a tad stronger than the old version. Not my hook of choice, but sometimes even old Republicans have been known to see the error of their ways and change for the better.

  11. Hi Puffin,

    Well, I did say the “venerable” 34007. These were just what I’ve got lying around. I’ve heard that Mustad has modified the tempering process on all their hooks, including the 34007, and have (likely) renamed it as you suggest. However, the 34007 itself is pretty much paper clip wire. I just mentioned them because flyshops and tackle shops still have the old models lying around and they’re so popular because of being stainless (and those folks that only get to bonefish once a year don’t have to worry about $75 of flies turning into red dust before they can be used again.

  12. Variavas 2600 stv: the best of the best !

  13. Here is my choice Daiichi X452.

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