The Kayak, the Girl and the Bay

So, Grandpa went a bit over the top at Christmas and got my daughter a kayak for the Bay. This is nicer than my own kayak with a nicer paddle.

This week, Spring Break for the girl, we finally got out on the water. Here are some things I’ve learned.

  • Don’t head out on the last hour of the falling tide. Kind of tough to get back in the 5 or 6 inches of water. Yeah… that was tough.
  • The girl is not so into paddling. She enjoys being out there, but not so much in, ya know, helping.
  • The fish are not in. They aren’t supposed to be. But, ya know, I had to check.
  • Kind of cool to be out there, on the water, getting to know the feel of this fishery/environment.
  • That kayak is about, and this is an estimate, a million pounds. There is now a kayak trolley. We’ll see if that helps.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes (and of getting a fish in that thing).

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  1. Cool you’re out on the water and exploring the bay from a different perspective; certain it’s worth all the trouble to be out there with your daughter. Hear you on the heavy kayak though, my fishing yak weighs too much for my liking, especially the “hoisting it on the roof” part of transporting it. Hate to say it, but probably the reason I don’t use it more.

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