The Link in Belize

I wish I could tell you all about the massive cuda I caught in Belize with the Redinton Link that I brought down there for that purpose. I really want to tell you all about the cast with that big, flashy popper and steel bite tippet and the brutally violent crushing attack of the 5 foot long barracuda, the wild and insanely strong run, the leaps, the screaming reel… I really, really wish I could tell you about that.

Even better would be to have done that.

Instead, the 9 wt. went out on the boat and came back having been cast at exactly one 4′ cuda that was totally not interested. I wanted to troll for a cuda, but I think that hit the guide’s pride some and he didn’t want to do it. He said it wouldn’t work unless we were by the reef, which I don’t buy at all… not for a second.

The Link is a damn sexy rod and I wanted to give it a workout, a thrashing, to put it through its paces, but, this trip was partly fishing trip and mostly honeymoon and if you are doing it right, on your honeymoon you don’t get a lot of shots at barracuda and I didn’t.

We saw one fish that was maybe the biggest cuda I’ve ever seen just inside the channel up in the park. Man, that thing was massive, but there was no time to prepare for it. We saw it and were on top of it in a matter of seconds.  There were other cuda, seen while looking for tarpon, but we didn’t disengage to cast the Link.

I wanted this, but bigger, but I got nuttin instead.

I really wanted to catch a cuda on that rod. I could envision it and I wanted that experience to be etched in my brain, but it just didn’t happen.

Link… I send you back to Redington (it was a loaner) and I hope that you find the fish with some other angler that I failed to provide you.



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