Flatswalker and a fish he’d never seen before

For those of you new to the site, you may not know it, but I have a pretty strong opinion about the blog Flatswalker.com. Basically, I think it is fuqueing awesome.

This is from a recent post:

Within minutes I removed the hook and gently rubbed the head of a bonefish I’d never seen before.

That line just kind of jumped out at me. “… a bonefish I’d never seen before.” Of course, he’s seen plenty of bonefish, but this individual fish, probably not. I tend to think of uncaught bonefish as a single entity, the ones I have not caught yet. Fish caught become memories of places or trips or people I’m with. I forget that each fish really is its own, discrete and singular being and that of all the fish out there, well, I’ve known very few personally.

Love his writing. Find more here.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Bjorn. As my site stats show you’re links and shout-outs are a big chunk of what keep folks coming to my little bit of the blogosphere. Can’t thank you enough for that.

    PS Welcome back and glad the momentous trip abroad treated you well.

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