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I’m pretty content with my life. I’m happily married (took a second go to get that right) and I have a wonderful daughter and a boy on the way. Life is good.

However, in my “parallel life” daydreams I’m pretty much taking a mail boat around the Bahamas living a frugal, sun drenched and bonefishful existence.

It sounds kind of fun.

I had vacationed in the islands several times before, usually cooped up in a resort with every amenity a guest could dream up, and I’d long wanted to get beyond the more touristed areas. Mail boats have been the primary means of interisland travel for locals for more than a century and seemed the perfect way to do it. There are no tour guides or lido deck, and the nighttime entertainment consists largely of gazing at a starry sky over the drone of a diesel engine. But for a shockingly cheap ticket (from $45), passengers can get a meal, a bed and one thing that eludes even the most dogged Caribbean traveler: immersion in authentic Bahamian culture.

(A New York Times Story)

New York Times – Sara Mayti



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  1. That’s a great article. Thanks for posting. Made me miss the Bahamas…

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