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Looks like things are maybe not so bleak in Aitutaki and I hope that is the conclusion I’ll have when things are all rolled out…

Bjorn hi

There are detailed criteria, weightings and conditions outlined in the regulations. Much of the vetting and decision making will be the responsibility of the bonefish management committee, including what limits to put on the number of guides (the number recommended was 5). Obviously the regulations  weren’t designed to fit around individuals or the bonefish association but if applied properly it can lead to a fair and sustainable industry for the guides.

The core requirements for guides are (1) CI Boat Master Certificate, (2) Red Cross First Aid Certificate and (3) CI Tourism Accreditation. MMR has funded all these courses and others e.g. guide fishing training and small business management, although just 2 persons have completed the requirements so far.

Regards, Ben

There remain some questions about who exactly is on the committee and how they get there… but, this is a start.

Another thing… I like art… at least when it comes to fishing/fish art.  I’m still wondering how I feel about Bonefish Gyotaku for which, I think, the bonefish likely gave its life.  You can buy this on Etsy.

Bonefish as art

Another thing… speaking of fishing art… there is a new member to my little family… a Lamson Lightspeed 4… destined to tangle with cuda’s and I hope some tarpon, Dorado and other beeg fish swimming out in the ocean.

Isn't she beautiful? Pretty girl.

I’ve never caught a big cuda.  I hope to change that in March down at Andros South and that is the reel I’ll have on… well… a rod to be named later.

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  1. Dude, slap that sucker on your 8-weight! You’ll have the fastest retrieve of anyone there.

    Seriously, though, I’m a big fan of oversizing my reels to my rods. For example, on my new #10 I fish a #12 Galvan (which is a monster reel to begin with). I tried the #10, but it seemed more suited to a #9 rod, in my opinion.

    I do love Lamson reels. I’ve fished the Lightspeed 3.5 on a string of #8 rods for almost 10 years now. Sweet, sweet stuff.

  2. I know the they are good reels, but I am keeping this bad boy for bigger fish/rods… otherwise I have to get a NEW reel for that purpose. I have three bonefish capable reels at the moment… I’ll stick with those for the bones… this is slated for bigger fish.

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