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The whole blogging thing is interesting, for sure.  I don’t have ads and don’t cash a Bonefish on the Brain paycheck.  This started as a hobby and largely remains that (just one I am kind of ridiculously dedicated to).  However, the distance the blog has come in the last year is pretty obvious to me when I think about all the folks who have helped put some shape to this upcoming trip to Belize.

Thanks to El Pescador for hosting me for this trip.  We are still paying for guides and I’m still paying for a couple of flights, but the lodging… that was huge.

Thanks to Sage for the loaner Xi3 Seven and Ten weights.  Good sticks for Belize, me thinks.  Lori-Ann’s go to is the 7 wt. Xi3, so I’ll be in good company.

Double my pleasure... a 7 and 10 Sage Xi3

Thanks to Orvis for the loaner 8 wt. Helios and the line for the 10 weight. Steve offered and I couldn’t turn down a chance to see exactly how good these new Orvis rods are.

Orvis... nice stick.

Thanks to Nautilus for the loaner NV Ten-Eleven.  This is actually something anyone can do…  you can test drive a Nautilus, just check out the website.

Mr. and Mrs. Tarpon... I'm ready to see you now.

Thanks to Skinny Water Culture for two replacement sun masks (I somehow lost three in the last 6 months), a microfiber shirt and a new hat.

Skin cancer is bad... SWC is good.

Thanks to Patagonia for a sling pack for alllllll those flies I’ll be sporting, plus a sun mask and hat.

Flies go here.

Thanks to Off the Hook Fly Shop, where I bought most of the materials used in the flies I’ll be throwing.

That’s a lot of help… and if you look at my FFSI, you’ll see that I think the help you get has a lot to do with reducing suckiness… so, I have that going for me.

As someone recently wrote to me, “This is the most exciting bonefishing trip I’m not going on.”  I hope to have some good stories to share and hope to be posting from Belize and El Pescador, assuming I have the strength left after milking each day for every ounce of fishing possible.

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  1. Have an awesome trip…say Hi to Lori-Ann for me…walk the beach!

  2. A paraphrase: Amazing how lucky people are …who work their butts off.And, I might add — who have passion and joy that shows, and makes others take the journey with good humor. Bon voyage.

  3. Cheers!

  4. Will do and I’ll walk that beach!

  5. Bjorn,

    I’m sure you’ll catch a bunch of fish with the guides. If you see Gilberto and Sinoe, let them know that Glenn and Mona said, “Hello”. We fished with Gilberto in May.

    I am curious to hear how you do with the DIY fish along the beach to the north (Tip: past Journey’s End). They receive lots of pressure and are hard to fool. Some real pigs in there too!

    Have safe trip,


  6. Go to the Palapa Bar. Great Food and Drink. Look at the Back of the Chairs LOTFO Signed a few of them…. Have fun!

  7. The DIY stuff was greatly influenced by the weather, which was not awesome. Still managed fish. I’ll post up reports. Good times there.

  8. Ya know, we fished just about every minute of daylight, had dinner and beers and went to bed… got up at 5 every morning. No time for stops in San Padro. Might have missed out on something, but not on the fishing!

  9. that patagonia bag looks new…is it a demo bag? do tell more.

  10. It was a demo and I even had to send it back! It will be out in Spring 11. It is a sling pack, although it can be worn as a chest pack if you choose to. It has two compartments, which worked well… one for fly boxes, one for tippets, leaders, used flies, etc. It was a good pack and has me thinking about using a sling pack over my traditional chest pack when I go after those more rainbow-esque fish.

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