Thoughts on Eating in the Keys

Here are some things I don’t go to the Keys for.

1. Five Guys. There are TWO of these in Key West. I have those in California. I didn’t travel a couple thousand miles to eat at Five Guys, even if it is awesome. I guess that’s for the locals, or at least I hope it is for the locals.

2. Mexican Food. I’m from California. I have plenty of Mexican options at home. Now, if it were Cuban food, I might be game, as that’s pretty rare where I’m from. But Mexican? I can get that at home.

3. And this one baffles me… Salmon. Two places we went the “fish of the day” was salmon. Um… what boat did the salmon come off of? I want some fresh, local seafood when I’m in the Keys, not some farm-raised devil fish from Canada. Why would anyone order Salmon in Marathon or Key West or Miami? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

On the other hand… I ate a lot of Mahi Mahi. I have no idea if it was caught off the coast here or if it was long-lined from the pacific and shipped as a block of frozen fish… but it is at least possible it was from local waters, so I’ll cling to that illusion.

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  1. Square Grouper is the place.

    South a bit from Big Pine Key.

  2. Island Grill, make a hard 180 degree left right after you cross the Snake Creek bridge between Windley and Plantation. Excellent fod, right on the water, and fine local music.

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