Three days, 12 grand slams.

Dude… that’s amazing.  Now, he wasn’t fly fishing, which does add some difficulty to things, but still, an amazing few days of fishing.

…while Durney has had a few grand slam days throughout the years, he did something this time that was nothing shy of amazing.

In three days, Durney recorded 12 grand slams. He was one bonefish shy of 13.

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That's some permit alright.

I assumed the fish had been killed, but that turns out not to be the case.  Here is what the journalist (Lee Tolliver) had to say:

he actually caught them at just about the same time.  they had three rods out with baits and they all got taken at the same time

he fought one while the other two sat in the rod holders and when the first was brought in, he jumped on the second and third….the captain held the others in the water until he had all three for the picture

quick snap of the camera and back in the drink they went

Well… nice. I do wonder how well a fish is going to swim away if it is knackered enough to sit on your lap for a photo op… but maybe that’s just my inexperience talking.

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  1. Aitutakiflyfish

    Bait fishermen, go figure.

  2. Does kind of take the shine of things, doesn’t it? Easier to get a permit to eat a crab when it is a crab, I’d imagine… same goes for bonefish and shrimp.

  3. Aitutakiflyfish

    I would have no idea and don’t really care to ever find out. If it’s easy why do it, where’s the adventure?

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