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I remember being on the East End of Grand Bahama, trying to find some fish, and watching a “guide” on a flats boat with his client not far from where I was standing.  The angler on the bow was casting out and then stripping in with his rod tip about 3 feet above the water.

I could surmise two things from the scene…

1. this was not a full-time guide and while he did find a mud to cast into, he wasn’t going to provide the kind of insight needed for the situation.

2. the angler likely had not done this before and likely wasn’t going to have much success.

When you strip your fly in, you want to be tight to the fly… you want the fly to provide you with as much information about what is happening to it as possible.  Slack in your line is the information killer.  Put your tip in the water and you reduce most of that slack.  A pull on the fly line moves the fly almost instantly and a tug on the fly is felt by you just as fast.

Glad to see the folks at Deneki agree.

Here’s their post about putting your tip in the water.

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