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How Andrew at Deneki keeps coming up with stuff to write is amazing. He does it every day, several times and about three different fisheries and multiple species.

This latest bit has three random tips for bonefishing.

One of those tips has to do with lens wipes. Certainly something to consider. I’ve carried a bag with a little TP in it to wipe lenses with and that doesn’t seem to do the job very well at times. I’ve tried a micro-cloth and once that gets a little wet (as sometimes happens), it is toast.

Andrew has a suggestion for a fix, but I’m curious how you all deal with cleaning your lenses while out on the flats.

Gotta keep 'em clean.

Gotta keep ’em clean.

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  1. If you have nothing else on you, licking them works. For real.

  2. I wear prescription polariods and as much as those cost I take really good care of them. I always get a hard case for them and I carry a spare pair in my boat bag. Every optomotrist I’ve asked has told me to wash the lens with water (never wipe them when they’re dry) and then use an old tee shirt or one of those specialty cleaning cloths to clean them. Anything else puts micro-scratches in the lens and over time will effect the clarity, especially looking into the sun. I keep a square or two of tee shirt rag in a zip lok.

  3. What Pete said. Seriously… but not on the inside if they’ve got that anti-reflective coating. It’s goes all weird when you lick it. For the outside, though, it’s nearly perfect. As a plus, you’ve always got your tongue with you.

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