Tis the season

Right about now, things are kind of perfect on some flat somewhere…somewhere you and I and the people who know whose Facebook photos are full of fish and not their kids.

The wind is manageable. The clouds are fleeting. At least when I imagine it, that’s what I see.

The water isn’t too hot, or too cold and the fish want nothing more than to roam their local and slurp up a crab, spooked and scuttling for cover in the mangroves. .

It is prime time, right in here. A few weeks on other side of the right now time and your feed is full of fish, bones and the rare permit and the tarpon are coming.

Even from the sidelines, the armchair or the couch, it is still a pretty awesome time of year.

Where are you going?

Looking forward to the next trip.

Looking forward to the next trip.


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  1. Kelly Bandlow

    You’re totally right…tis the season. Whenever I was asked where my favorite place to fish was, I always gave the standard answer, which was, “wherever I’m fishing” (and that was 100% true). However, when I was recently asked that same question I immediately replied, “bonefish flats of Hawaii.” So, to answer your question, there. Not for a couple of months, but there

  2. I’m looking forward to the Driftless in May. That’s my next big outing. It’s my “bonefish flat.”

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