Torrie and Big Bonefish

A pretty interesting article over at Deneki with advice from guide Torrie Bevans on casting to big bonefish.  Lead the fish, right?  Well, Torrie has some pretty interesting thoughts.

I have yet to catch a really big bonefish.  I’ve hooked a couple really nice ones and I’ve cast to a few, but I have little experience when it comes to actually converting the deal.

I’m still waiting and looking.

Belize isn’t likely to be that for me.  They have bones there, sure, and I hope to catch a few, but they don’t have a lot of double digit fish. Actually, they have a ton of double digit fish but they are tarpon and permit.  The bones are smaller and more plentiful.

Next time I see one of the big bruisers I’m going to have Torrie’s words bouncing around my head.

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