Fine Work Eduardo

I totally ripped this off his facebook page.  What a fine, fine picture this is.  Eduardo prowls the waters of South Florida with Biscayne Bay being in his back yard.

I really need to get out there.

Great Picture.


Photo by Alex.

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  1. Eduardo Otero-Cossio

    Thanks Bjorn, you do need to come down here and catch some Biscayne Bay Bones… they are not as plentiful as some of the more popular destinations around the globe, but they average 7 to 8 lbs. and double digit fish are not uncommon… I you are after larger Bones, Biscayne bay and the Florida Keys are hard to beat and you don’t need a passport.

    Bring your A game, these fish are pretty challenging, I have fished Grand Bahama & Venezuela for Bones and the Florida Bonefish are the hardest of the bunch to fool with a fly.

    The great part about fishing in Biscayne Bay is that you can catch world class Bonefish within sight of a major metropolitan city and after a long day on the water, you can pull up to a waterfront restaurant and have a few cold ones… sweet!

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