Tying for Cuba

The trip is two weeks away… that means I’m tying and my boxes are already full.

Here are a couple of flies I’m tying up.

First, a simple and probably less effective spawning shrimp pattern.

Mmmm. Shrimp.

Next… a modified Bunky Shrimp.

Ran out of black eyes, basically.

We’ll see if I use these or not.  Seems I usually end up using about 1/50th of the flies I bring on any given trip.  Such is life. I like tying.

Tarpon flies are mostly already tied and I have a few permit flies in the box already. I need to tie up some more Cuda flies, as I hope to get a few more of those in Cuba. I probably have another couple dozen in me before I step on the plane.

OK… a tarpon fly. Black and Tan Bunny. 1/0.

Black and Tan... yummy.

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  1. Avalon?? they are very effective in Exmouth Western Australia. Check out pics at blantonville…morsie posts.

  2. What about the tarpon flies?

  3. 1) Why are there barbs on those flies?
    2) Forget tarpon; what about permit?!?!?
    3) What about tarpon?

  4. 1. I usually crush them when I put them on, but I probably should crush them as I tie them… you are correct sir.
    2. I have a few permit ties in the box already… I don’t really like fishing for permit though… have to say. My experience in Belize was A LOT of waiting for very few shots.
    3. I have a ton of tarpon flies in the boxes already and I’ve been tying more too.

  5. Did I ever show you how I melted my own mono eyes ? To get them black, I actually melted a tiny black bead into the molten mono for a black ‘eye’. Lasts longer than a magic marker.
    Two weeks ? Yeah… you kinda suck.

  6. Ha… true… I do. You never did show me that. I should do that. I think I have some of those tiny, tiny black beads.

  7. Both great patterns. My best pattern at Christmas Island was a Christmas Island Special, tied with a couple of stands of orange stretch floss on either side.

  8. Thanks Phil. I think those Pacific bones are likely looking for different prey than the Carib bones, but who knows. I should tie up some sparse patterns as well.

    Different sizes, different weights, different colors… one pattern can end up being a dozen flies to tie.

  9. Those are some good looking flies Bjorn.

    I agree with Shane, you can also make some really nice eyes by melting 30-40 lb. mono.

  10. Bjorn, if you can message me a mailing address I will send you some Eyes-N-Tubes “y-tube” eyes to try out. They are fabulous for tying that type of fly. I’m like you, I think. I end up tying literally hundreds of flies before a trip and end up fishing only a tiny fraction of them!

  11. First, permit in Cuba is a different thing, from what I’ve heard. Second, P-E-R-M-I-T! Even the word is magical… (sigh). Third, don’t think the bones there will give two hoots about mono eyes or no mono eyes. They’re Cuban bonefish, man. They don’t need no stinking eyes.

  12. Having said that, those ARE pretty flies.

  13. I’ve heard where I’ll be going has fewer permit and more tarpon, which suits me just fine. I’ll have a rod rigged for permit, but I don’t want to spend 8 hours for 2 shots. Maybe my fishing soul just isn’t ready for permit. I’ve caught exactly 1 permit and exactly 1 tarpon, but I kind of really dug the tarpon game a lot. We’ll see. I may come back singing the praises of the permit.

    Thanks for the kind words on the flies.

  14. True, bro. True. Tarpon jump. Nuff said… plus they eat the fly where you can see it all happen… plus they’re pretty indiscriminate about what they’ll eat — minnows, crabs, shrimp, lizards, gummy worms (grape), french fries, empty cigarette packets (though they spit those out pretty quick), and even, occasionally, silly little flies. Yup, in the immortal words of Capt. T. “Tarpon are rad.” (direct quotation, swear)

  15. Also, I too, kinda’ hate you… in a hypothetical, wish I was a better person w/ better karma kinda’ way.

  16. Ha… well… I’ll take that. I have been tying tarpon flies the past couple nights… now I’m out of tarpon hooks. Off to the shop tomorrow, I suppose.

  17. Bjorn You have a great site. Lots of very good useable information. You mentioned my eyes-n-tubes product on your site which I appreciate very much. I would like to mail you some sample packages for you to try in some of your tying. I think you will like them.
    Talk to you soon
    Kenzie Cuthbert

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