A new member to the family… my new Peak Vice.

Peak vice

It was time for a new vice and while I like nice things, I don’t like paying a lot of money. There are a lot of very nice vices out the and some come with eye watering prices. I’m never going to own one of those. The Peak was a decent compromise. It isn’t a $30 vice, but it isn’t a $500 vice. The cost, $149, seems like a pretty good value. “Made in the USA,” the vice seems well made and solid. I’m looking forward to it.

The c-clamp this came with was too bulky to work with the fly tying desk I have, which has doors I can close to keep all the hooks and goodies safe from our toddler. I simply used the other c-clamp I had, which has a nice skinny profile and works better with the doors.

I’ve tied a few flies on this so far and it takes a 1/0 pretty well. Maybe it will work on a #22 and I will do everything I can never to find out.

Welcome to the family Peak.

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  1. I’ve be using mine for almost four years with zero complaints. I think Peak is the best affordable rotary vise going; it’ll serve you well.

  2. Nice. I also just picked up a new vise. I was in between the Peak and Griffin Montana Mongoose. I opted to go with the Griffin simply because it came with a few extras that made it worth it. Coming with both C-Clamp and pedestal base, a bobbin, material clip, carry case, and one or two other things for only $30 more than the Peak. I haven’t used it yet, but plan to this week. They are somewhat expensive toys, but you should never think of a new vise as a vice.

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