Vince’s Cat Whiskers

From Reader Vince.

This is the fly I that fooled my first Florida bone fish. While shopping at a Orvis Outlet Store, I spied a package of #8 MOE hooks. The price was ridiculous so it found its way on to a pile of fly tying items stacked near the cash register. Orvis had already eliminated the messy epoxy stage of creating a MOE fly, great.

My cats have been supplying me with their cast off whiskers for some time and now they provided the shrimpy looking antennae for this pattern. I added a couple of strands of crystal flash and then palmered the yellow synthetic material I swiped from my wife’s sewing basket. A one minute bone fish fly.

Plantation Key, Florida, in the very early AM our tarpon guide went to our condo window to check the wind conditions. To his great surprise there was a large school of very big bonefish working the dead coral reef directly below his vantage point. Over the next few days they returned every morning. On the one day we couldn’t get out to pursue tarpon I rigged a nine weight and tied on this little fly. There was a small sandy spot that the bones returned to several times every 20 or so minutes. On a hunch I cast the fly to this spot and waited. Sure enough a bone drifted over and started to nudge around this patch. Two little strips later I was fast to a 6 pounder and my first Florida bone fish.

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  1. I’ve never caught a bone fish, but I’ve heard a lot about them. A 6 punder on a fly rod must have been a blast!

    How big can they get?

  2. what is an MOE hook?

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