Vote Bonefish

I understand there is an election taking place today in Ohio for the President of the United States. Good luck on that.  I’ll stay out of politics, but let me make the case for Bonefish for 2012.

  • Bonefish not likely to start another war.
  • Bonefish pro-science.
  • While bonefish do change color to a limited degree, it is within a narrow range and is predictable.
  • Bonefish support small business.
  • Hard to argue with Bonefish Platform “Shrimp are yummy.”
  • Bonefish have remained silent on women’s reproductive rights.
  • Defense Spending to be focused on “not being eaten.”

Bonefish 2012!

Vote Bonefish!

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  1. Bonefish will give you “wood”…other than that received in an Amsterdam Brothel…but close!

    DOH!…my wife still doesn’t understand!!!!….ARrggg!!!


  2. Without a doubdt, a Bonefish will pull more strings for you than your local Congressman or Senator!

    he he!!!


  3. Bush Sr. is a Bonefisherman…and he’s still at it!!!


  4. Bonefish like Crabs, but they’ll not likely give you them like that girl in……………..”Forget it”……………..


  5. Why do alot of my “Bonefish” searches on Google give me info. about the “USS Bonefish Submarine?”. I hooked a big bone once that absolutley “had” to be powered by a nuclear reactor…it bust a 16 lb tippit like it were nothing as it made off for the west coast of Africa!


  6. Yup…Vote for me!!!

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