I got to watch Waypoints the other night. I like the whole thing. I loved it, really. I loved it not just because of the St. Brandons bit, which was awe inspiring, but for the other great stories, interesting personalities and jaw dropping beauty of the locations.

We all have waypoints, as the narrator points out. For me, they are easy to trace. My trip to the San Juan with my friend Andrew back around 1999 and our trip to Oregon around 2000. My first trip out on the Lower Sac with Shane. Hawaii. Grand Bahama. Belize. Andros. Grand Bahama. Cuba. Florida.

They are clear waypoints in my angling life and as I watched Waypoints, I could see these trips were also the waypoints in the lives of those in the movie.

Good, solid stuff.

Good, solid stuff.

Beautifully filmed. Wonderful locations. Go see it. Go buy it. Go enjoy it.


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