The Skink List

Maybe you are a fan of the writing of one Mr. Carl Hiaasen. If you are unfamiliar with his works, I suggest you check him out. He writes pretty much exclusively about Florida and the word “bonefish” can be found in just about every work, despite the books not being about fishing.

One of my favorite characters in his books is Skink. Skink is a vigilante out to protect the Florida he loves from threats of development and degradation. If he were a Dungeons & Dragons character his alignment would be Chaotic Good. He blows things up, kidnaps tourists, beats litterers and does worse to those most responsible for ruining a good thing.

Many a moment have I wished Skink were alive and well, stalking through the Everglades, one glass eye and his perfect white teeth grinning at some mischief he could cause for people who really and truly deserve it.

Here are a few of the projects I wish he’d get a hold of.

I’m sure there are more… many, many more. Skink would be a busy, busy man.

Disney reaches out to destroy a little of the Bahamas.

Disney reaches out to destroy a little of the Bahamas.



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  1. Have you read any of Tim Dorsey’s books? I love them. All about Florida and the main character is a cross between a Hunter S Thompson character and Dexter.

  2. I haven’t… but I should. They collaborated on some, didn’t they?

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