What to do about the Bahamas

stormy times for the Bahamas

I’m conflicted. I love the Bahamas, but the government of the Bahamas doesn’t love me back and some of its people are downright hostile to how I want to vacation and spend my time and money. So… what am I to do?

The new law has been rolled out and it has been a bit bumpy from what I’ve heard. Have not heard about people being denied, just that some folks who are supposed to issue the licenses don’t seem to have a firm grip on what is going on and you may have to wait a full day or two to actually get the license. I have not heard about enforcement issues yet, but then, I don’t hear everything so I wouldn’t rule it out.

What I do know is the trip I took last February is a trip I can’t take in 2017. I rented a boat and a friend and I fished together, without a guide, for the last three days of the trip. That would be illegal to do now. This fact bums me out.

I’d still be able to go around on foot, or use a kayak or canoe to get around, but that boat is no longer an option. I’d still be able to go and use a guide, either through a lodge or on my own, which does change the price dynamics a bit, but, you still get the Bahamas that way, but I won’t spend a dime on those who fought against us.

There are plenty of operations who have fought the good fight, on behalf of all anglers and for the Bahamian people, and they stand to lose if we just all stay away. Folks like Abaco Lodge, Bairs Lodge, Delphi, East End Lodge, Swain’s Cay and Black Fly, just to name a very few, all fought hard for us and I don’t want them to be hurt for doing what was right.

If you want to go to the Bahamas, there are two places to check out:

  • Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures – They aren’t booking the anti lodges. They’ve been in the game for a long time. They know Prescott, have known him for years, and they were very involved in the fight. If they have a destination in the Bahamas, you can feel better knowing they are on the right side of this thing.
  • Abaco Fly Fishing Guide’s Association – If you want to know if a guide or lodge is pro-angler, ask if they support the AFFGA or the BFFIA. If they support the former, you are golden. If they support the later, well… I won’t fish with them, I know that much.

It isn’t good in the Bahamas right now. I was just reading one lodge owner saying his business was off 70%. People are hurting.

So, don’t stay away if you are going on a lodge trip. But please, spend your dollars wisely.

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  1. Not to “poke the bear” but you note that East End Lodge was part of the opposition regarding this legislation. However, when searching for guides and lodges on a particular island, Grand Bahama, on the BFFIA website, two lodges show up. Look for yourself. I don’t know if this is a error on BFFIA website or what? They may very well be against it. But, those looking may see it differently. Thanks for your articles and your support for cleaning up this mess. I certainly appreciate it as do the 60+ Bahamians who work at my lodge.

  2. I just yesterday got the 7th Licence in Spanish Wells with no problem.

  3. One of the biggest Pro folks was Swain’s Cay and she was, until very recently, on the board of BFFIA (not sure if she is now or not), but simply being in the BFFIA didn’t used to be an issue. Folks were in there and fought against Prescott, but got out-maneuvered. So… they are some of the good guys.

  4. Don’t make this issue more complex than it needs to be, stay away…completely. I am not taking my Bahamas trip this year. That’s $5K, not making it way into the hands of some very good and hard working people. Cooks, maids, guides, grounds keepers, drivers, bar tenders and yes…owners. That extra money will be headed to those same jobs, just in Craig, Montana this summer instead of on Andros Island this spring where people need it even more.

    It is extremely unfortunate that so many good lodges and guides will be hurt by this poorly thought out policy. None the less, the faster the expected government funds dry up, the faster this will be reversed. Keep the license fee, scrap the rest of the mess.

  5. ….. and there it lay, its eyes pinched closed and foaming from its yellow beak. The goose was dead!!!. But oh my lord what a beautiful golden egg it had layed…..

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  7. Are we certain Kayaks are exempt from any regulation?. I saw some comments on line that 2-man kayaks might even fall foul of legislation. “vessel” not being clearly defined.

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