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I thought I’d share a little bit about what is getting the search traffic here at BOTB and what that reveals about you, the angling public. Below are the 10 top locations searched for on Bonefish on the Brain.

10. Kauai – I’ve been there. I’ve seen fish. I’ve cast at them. Sadly, I haven’t caught them there and I doubt I’ll be back. Kauai is part of my past. Beautiful place though.

This thing was cool.

This thing was cool.

9. Costa Rica – An odd one, since there are very few bones there, so far as I know. I guess people are searching for bones there and so they find this blog in the search.

8. Water Cay Lodge – A very specific search. I’ve been there and certainly have written a bit about it. Grand Bahama is a very, very fishy place.

I'll be walking onto this dock in February.

I’ll be walking onto this dock in February.

7. Andamans – I had to look this up. I have written a post about the Andamans (Indian Ocean), but it certainly isn’t top of mind.

6. St. Thomas – Another disappointing search for people, I’d think. What I’ve written about St. Thomas (mostly an interview) said there were bones there, but they were few and far between, the structure wasn’t ideal and there were many more tarpon there than bones.

5. St. Brandon’s – Not a surprise. I’ve written a lot about St. Brandon’s and I think about that place often… very often… like now.

4. Christmas Island – Another place that is top of mind for me as well. If you are a Pacific Coast angler, this is likely where you will look to get your Geet.

3. Andros – The search term was actually “flies for Andros,” but I’ll count it as Andros. I’ve actually fished Andros and think about that experience often.

Nice bone, tagged and ready to go. Photo by Cameron Miller.

Nice bone, tagged and ready to go. Photo by Cameron Miller.

2. Culebra – A bit of a surprise. Culebra is not a big place, but it sounds very, very lovely. This Puerto Rican island is fairly undeveloped at this point, although I wouldn’t expect that to stay true for long.

My top location search… drum roll please…

1. Grand Bahama – This is the place I’ve fished the most for bones. It is easy to get to, has a wide range of lodging and angling options and is the place I caught my first bonefish.  Awesome place.



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  1. Kauai is indeed a beautiful place but it doesn’t strike as a great place to fish. I was there in January and didn’t hear much about the fishing there.

  2. It is beautiful and it isn’t a great place to fish… but there are bonefish there, including the biggest bone I’ve ever seen in person. They do get caught there, just not by many. It doesn’t surprise me you wouldn’t hear about them there, very few people fish for them and since they are rather scarce, they don’t get much attention. In Hawaii they are called O’io.

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