Yeah… so… tomorrow

I’m off tomorrow and life has kept me from really packing until… well… pretty much tonight.

I did put the new 9 wt. Rio Tropical Clouser line on my Lamson Lightspeed reel last night and I moved my Bruce Chard Teeny 8 wt. line from my TFO LA 375 to my Okuma Helios (the TFO bit the dust in Andros and I have yet to send it back). I’m also bringing my Ross CLA.  The star of that bunch is clearly the Lamson, but it is such a big reel.  I got it in the hopes of putting in on a yet-to-be purchased 10 wt. for things like tarpon or Dorado. I know it will do the trick though and I’m not worried about a lack of balance because it isn’t like I’m steelhead fishing… this isn’t “the fish of a thousand casts,” more like “stalking the gray ghost.”

Normally, I’m an 8 wt. guy, but people keep telling me that I need to throw a 9 wt. due to the trade winds. Hearing BOTB reader John talk about recently fishing on Crooked with nothing less than 20 mph winds and doing it with an 8 wt. the whole time does make me question the “You need to throw a 9” kind of thinking, but I’m bringing a 9 and that’s where I’ll start off.

One thing is really clear at this point… I’m going to need a bigger suitcase to fit the sleeping bag, tent and pad.

I plan on writing every day I’m there and when the sun goes down I will head in to steal wireless from somewhere.

Tomorrow, 7:30 AM, I’m on a flight to HI.  Can’t wait.

Me, exactly where I'm going to be.

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  1. WOO HOO

  2. Have a great trip Bjorn!

  3. You’ll need a 9 for those big Oahu bones!! 😉
    Cheers & Tight Lines

  4. I’ve read and experienced that lighter may penetrate wind with the right loop shape and give you a lighter presentation. Have fun in HI!

  5. Have a good time, man!

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