Corbinian Bonefish

Good looking bit of paint on canvas.  $200 bones gets you as many bones as you can count in this painting.  You might have to look closely to see them, which is kind of how that works anyway. The artist is Peter Corbin. Great looking canvas.


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  1. You know what else loses people? Overusing ellipses in your posts. Ease up on the dots, man! I am not suggesting that there isn’t a time and a place for them, but almost all of your posts include ellipses where simple commas would suffice. You write well enough to not have to worry about this parlor trick of adding drama or suspense to you words. Let your words speak for themselves! Just some advice from an obsessive English/History major.
    -Tight Lines-

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Ha, that made me laugh a little. I suppose you are right. I see the ellipse as a way to indicate a pause in a way that a comma just doesn’t do anymore. A blog is a more informal place to write and it seems to mimic more the way I might talk, as opposed to the way one would write for, say, business or literature. I had to focus really hard not to put any dots in this comment as well. Thanks for the advice, (I totally almost put an ellipse here) I’ll see what I can do.

  3. Stupid English major pointing out ellipse’s as a flaw! I didnt even know they were called ellipse’s. I use them way too much, and have never seen someone called out on it. I have wanted to use them 3 times in this mini paragraph! Now I will be concious of it everytime I try and use one, and for that I hate you, but am grateful!

  4. I didn’t know what they were called either. How the hell am I going to write anything in the future. How bad of a gramitical sin is it? Will someone come to my house?

  5. Vince, I accept both your hate and your gratitude! Didn’t mean to call anyone out in a negative manner, it is just something that was hammered home by my former professors. So, out of habit, I look for it! (Bjorn translation: So… out of habit, I look for it…) Haha
    -Tight Lines-

  6. Oops…that’s grammatical

  7. bonefishbjorn

    must not use the ellipse – although I totally want to.

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