A complaint letter at Andros South

Rebecca is ruined… ruined for #20 flies and fish that don’t show her her backing.

I understand.

She was driven to write a complaint letter to Andros South (read it there).

It’s been exactly one year since I came home from a week of fly fishing for bonefish at Andros South and I have a couple of bones to pick over the following issues I experienced (suffered) as a direct result of a week at Deneki Fly Fishing paradise.

Rebecca's first bonefish

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  1. Garlock’s piece funny.

  2. I had similar experiences from a DIY trip to Cozumel. After standing in the warm water of a tropical flat, white sand, palms swaying, margarita’s waiting at the cabana, coming home and standing in an icy Idaho trout stream is never the same. I have tried to warn others of this phenomenon.

  3. bonefishbjorn

    Yeah… I understand that. I still love my rivers and the mountains, but there is something special about the flats for me that I really can’t understand. It doesn’t make sense. I’m a mountain boy with viking blood. If I were to stand in the tropical sun for a half hour without being covered head to toe I would be as red as a cardinal.
    I am going to fish my mountain rivers this weekend though… and I’ll love it.

  4. David de Luca

    Had that same feeling when I came back from Hervey Bay at Christmas but it wheres off after a while should start to feel better in 3 and a half weeks BRING ON HAWAII

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