A fly for every angler – Bonefish Fly Patterns by Dick Brown

A while back Dick Brown had his newest edition of Bonefish Fly Patterns sent my way to look at.  With a move and associated domestic drama it took me a while to get to it.

A good book.

I’m sorry it took that long.  The book is fantastic.  Dick not only really knows how to write (I mean, they guy can just plain write), he has some serious insight into what makes flies work.  There are some really good nuggets in the book about fly design, colors, flash and everything else you could be interested in, but he also has page after page after page of flies tied by to top shelf of today’s bonefisherati.

One thing you’ll come away with is the sense that at some time, someone tried just about everything.  There are flies that are hardly more than bare hooks and there are flies that are dressed up like they are taking the S.O. out to the Opera (or to see Oprah). There are flies that are impressionistic, realistic and optimistic. They’ve all caught fish though.

A highlight was seeing Davin Ebank’s fly right there with Aaron Adams and other luminaries.  Very cool.

A fly tied/created by Davin from Flatswalker

I recommend the book.  True… I didn’t pay for it.  But I would have.  No… I’m not giving it away.  I’m keeping it.  It is currently in my “study” for periodic reference.

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