Proof that style doesn’t count

Got pictures last night from reader John.  A recent trip to the Bahamas yielded some fish DESPITE the fanny pack being sported.

Another proof point that style doesn’t count for much as far as the fish are concerned.

A nice bone... pure and simple.

Yeah... John needs a new pack


I’m not even getting into the color choice on the shorts and shoes… I’m not even going there!

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  1. Truth in journalism: The fish was mine. The pack is not. The gear, and duds — gear used by my fine friend Duncan, who the best angler I know for any species, from Peacocks to Tarpons to 8 lb brookies to…etc etc –to weird things from Figi.( Duncan was transported by tramp steamer, on at least one trip, of course).

    There is a point to the shorts and pack and shirt: Simplicity. No hanging junk, zippers, stuff. Duncan sees no use in things that dangle and catch line, distract anglers, clink while wading, and are totally unnecessary (read lots of “accessory keepers” , and things like retrievers, etc… to latch things that are also unnecessary….). The pack is flexible, light, and holds all one would ever need, though D. travels light. And it is cheap, plus repairable. He also uses a toenail clipper as his line clipper, of course. Cheap. Never fails.

    I will not go into Duncan’s use of only two piece rods (some very old, none costing much. How the hell does he toss a tight loop with that stuff? ), and , the ultimate insult, he uses a Pfluger reel for….bonefish. Hmmmm. Perhaps you should include such in your testing….

    I on the other hand am a complete gear freak.

  2. Whats wrong with a Pfluger reel? Thats what I use to travel fish mexico with. Never let me down, throws tight loops and has a great drag for permit if needed.

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