Ed Maurer reviews Dick Brown’s new Bonefish Fly Patters

The revised and updated Bonefish Fly Patterns is more of an analytical treatise on not only bonefish flies, but the prey bonefish feed upon, and the types and features required of an effective fly and how and where to fish it. Brown goes into a full analysis of what bones eat broken down into the percentages of prey they eat in the Bahamas and Florida. It’s almost like a diet book in the way each food source is listed by type and percentage eaten, but also by what prey bonefish seem to prefer regardless of availability.

Sounds pretty good, eh? Ed Maurer publishes the online journal Florida Fly Fishing Magazine (Click here to see the full review), so he has some room to speak with authority on the subject.  Of course, I’ve interviewed Dick and he actually send me a copy of the book, which I’ll review as well, once I clear things off the table a bit and make some time to give it the attention I need to give it.

Check out the link above and check out Dick’s new book. If you like bonefish and want to know more about fly selection, this is a must have.



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  1. This is a great book, I bought it after you first mentioned it a while back. It gives a lot of detailed information on each pattern listed.

  2. I’ve read the second (and first) edition from cover to cover. I would consider the new edition a “must-have”. Dick has updated the book in spots, added some new fly patterns (often tied by the originator!), and perhaps most importantly, has included ver high quality photos of all of the flies. Dick also includes notes on each fly (tying and fishing) which are very helpful – even to those who don’t tie flies. He even measures each sample to give the tyer some idea of the overall size of each pattern.
    I also love this book because there are samples of flies used around the world so travellers will find useful information on bonefish; no matter the part of the world they choose to fish. I also found enough information in “Bonefish Fly Patterns” to allow me to make intelligent choices of patterns that will work anywhere as well as patterns designed for specific locations by those who have travelled to the flats before me.
    The second edition also contains updates on hooks, materials and other information that any fly fisher should find interesting.

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