A follow on the beach

I went out on the beach today here in Alameda with a fly rod. Why not, right?

It was deeper and colder than a flat in the Bahamas and the visibility was only 3 feet… maybe 4.

Funny thing though… I saw some fish following the clouser I was throwing. Now, it wasn’t a big fish. It wasn’t a leopard or a striper, but it was a fish. It wasn’t going to eat the fly, so I did what you do as an angler… I went home (200 yards away) and switched rigs and broke out the bait.

Turns out those fish were probably jack smelt… which I can now add to my list of species.

Just getting out was nice. Throwing the 7 wt. was nice. Seeing a fish following my fly was nice. It was nice all the way up to the not catching them on the fly. I have to figure it is just a matter of effort and opportunity.

I’ll have a lot more opportunities to catch jack smelt than bonefish, and maybe I even will catch more of them, but I don’t really want that to be the math.

Fishing is fun, be it for bones, trout, bluegill or jack smelt, but we all have our favorites and my favorite is the bonefish. Our obsessions don’t have to make sense.

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  1. Fins are fins, Bjorn, and they are all a blast.

  2. You’re going to have to switch to some size 6 or 8 crazy charlies or gotcha’s to catch those smelt with their tiny mouths.

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