The second half of the haul

OK… this is a lazy post about casting as I’m not going to do pictures or a video, but this is an important post if you have issues with your double haul.

One thing I’ve seen a few times is an angler do the haul on the back cast just fine, but then the forward cast has almost no haul on it. What happens is the angler never recovers from the back cast haul. He/She ends up starting the forward haul with the hands far apart, already extended without anywhere to go.

Your forward cast should start with your line hand (for me, that’s my left hand) right next to the reel. If that’s where your hand is, you can haul. If your hands are close together, you can haul. If your hands are far apart, you have no where to go.

If you are out on the flat and your haul is falling apart, just remember that your back cast and forward cast should both start and and with your hands close together.

Casting... work on it.

Casting… work on it.




  1. Brilliant! Well said, my friend. Exactly the same line I heard from Big Charlie when expressing frustration that I wasn’t getting the distance I wanted.

    He added an additional point: Get that hauling hand back up to the reel/other hand FAST. No, it should be so fast that you throw slack in the line, but it should get there BEFORE the casting hand starts moving forward.

    I contemplated this for a while and think it can be distilled into a rule: During the casting stroke your hands should never move toward each other.

    Keep it up, my friend and hope we can fish together this June!


  2. Fishing together in June would be so awesome. We need to get some of those days nailed so we can make sure it happens.

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