A little fishing over the 4th

Even when it isn’t good, it is still pretty good.

Over the 4th we had a pretty hard night with the little girl.  She’s been a really good sleeper most of her life, but ever since I went back to work… well, not so much.  I think she finally fell asleep on top of me around 4:00 AM.  Could have been later.

The next morning I got the day to go fishing.  Great.

I got on the road and figured I better put a call in to the Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters. “Any chance the East Carson is fishable.”

“No way, man.  It’s high and muddy. Totally unfishable.”


So, I started heading to the East Walker.  The river that was slightly fishable was 1.5 hours away at that point, but I went for it.  The math would say the drive there and back would be equal to the time I’d get to fish. I’d drive 3 hours (total) to fish for 3 hours.

pretty drive.

The water was high, but not muddy.  The fishing was so-so, but it was good to be out there again.  I threw streamers because I wanted to throw streamers and I saw a few nice fish come and take a look, only to turn away. When I got desperate for the tug, I put on some nymphs and took off the indicator. Fish followed. I ended up landing about 5. One nice looking brown. Four rougher looking bows (I’d call these hatchery fish).


I needed that.

There is a whole lot of water up in them there hills.  Pretty amazing to see all that snow up there in July.

No one is going to go thirsty this year.

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