LA Bones

No… I don’t mean Los Angeles. I mean LA as in Louisiana.

“Crazy!” you say?

Yeah… sounds crazy.  However… there is some reason to think it is in the realm of possibilities.

BONEFISH: LOUISIANA: Edgar Miller of Lake Charles, who has caught bonefish in Florida, went fishing in the surf off Grand Isle, and this man says he caught several 3-to 5-pound bone-fish on a silver spoon with a yellow bucktail. Next thing someone will hang a sail while casting for sea trout.

That’s not a recent report… from Sports Illustrated, 1955.

Yeah, I don’t think LA is about to bump off Florida as a destination, but nice to know that somewhere out there, maybe, there is a Cajun bonefish or two.

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  1. Bones are regularly caught in samples by biologists off south texas…. Only problem is they are always small and never seen when poling flats!

  2. bonefishbjorn

    I noticed that there is a record bone for Texas… 3.5 pounds. I also saw that there had been goring numbers of Permit in TX, but I wonder what the big cold did to them last year.

  3. For the past few years near the end of summer, small bonefish have been netted by Florida Wildlife officers here in Jacksonville Florida. No one has managed to catch one any other way YET!

  4. bonefishbjorn

    I believe it… there are bones caught every once in a while off the piers of Long Beach in CA and a bone was once taken in SF Bay (back around 1914 or so). The tiny ones seem more able to survive, then they die… and then, oddly enough, the big ones are able to survive in colder water. Go figure.

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