Jul 11

A little fishing over the 4th

Even when it isn’t good, it is still pretty good.

Over the 4th we had a pretty hard night with the little girl.  She’s been a really good sleeper most of her life, but ever since I went back to work… well, not so much.  I think she finally fell asleep on top of me around 4:00 AM.  Could have been later.

The next morning I got the day to go fishing.  Great.

I got on the road and figured I better put a call in to the Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters. “Any chance the East Carson is fishable.”

“No way, man.  It’s high and muddy. Totally unfishable.”


So, I started heading to the East Walker.  The river that was slightly fishable was 1.5 hours away at that point, but I went for it.  The math would say the drive there and back would be equal to the time I’d get to fish. I’d drive 3 hours (total) to fish for 3 hours.

pretty drive.

The water was high, but not muddy.  The fishing was so-so, but it was good to be out there again.  I threw streamers because I wanted to throw streamers and I saw a few nice fish come and take a look, only to turn away. When I got desperate for the tug, I put on some nymphs and took off the indicator. Fish followed. I ended up landing about 5. One nice looking brown. Four rougher looking bows (I’d call these hatchery fish).


I needed that.

There is a whole lot of water up in them there hills.  Pretty amazing to see all that snow up there in July.

No one is going to go thirsty this year.

Oct 09

Truckee River… no bonefish

I went looking for bonefish in the Truckee River yesterday with my friend John.  Sadly, I didn’t find any.  I did find some rainbows and browns, however.  In traditional fashion, the big fish came unbuttoned.  C’est la vie.

I will keep looking for bonefish in my CA rivers until I get to look for them on Grand Bahama, Jan. 14-18.  The countdown continues.

Truckee Brown, playing with streamers

Truckee Brown, playing with streamers