A little Tahoe time

As happens to most of us, I recently had  a birthday.  In general, I have one of these things a year and I try to find myself on a river when it comes about.

This year I went with a couple of friends (John and Phil) up to do some exploring around Tahoe.  Most of my trout fishing has taken place a couple hundred miles North of here and I really have not poked around Tahoe too much.  I do so little exploring in my trout fishing these days, this was a welcome change of pace.

Brookie Central

Beautiful Blue Lakes Creek

We stuck to little creeks in part to help get my friend Phil into fish since he is a relative new-comer to fly fishing.  It worked.  Phil caught a few fish, including fish unassisted.   If you like Drum n Bass, you might dig Phil’s work in Bachelors of Science.

Phil landing a trout, solo

John doesn’t do anything interesting.  In fact, he kind of smells.  He’s old and maybe even a little bit “special.”  I’d add that somehow I think he out-pegged me in the catching department by about 2.  Out-catching a guy on his birthday… I’d call him a bastard except I’ve met his parents.  So, I’ll call him “bastard-ish.”

Look at him, all smug...

A bonefish is a special  species that has captured my imagination.  Rainbow trout are my “home” fish, if there is such a thing. However, I think that there be no more beautiful creature than a small brook trout.


Good times were had.  More than a couple beers were drunk. Another one in the books.

I should add that we got absolutely soaked… the skies opened and let loose with buckets and buckets of rain and a little hail.  I think this is the first time that I’ve experienced rain on my birthday.  We tried not to let the rain get in the way, but the lack of rain jackets (or waders… I mean, it’s AUGUST) really did not end up in the “Plus” column.  Still… good times… good times.

Waiting in traffic to get to the toll plaza at the entrance of the Bay Bridge we saw a very, very odd thing.


That's a dog... with a helmet... on a motorcycle.

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  1. That smell on me was fish – you just catch so few you don’t recognize it.

  2. I would say it is funny because it is true, but it actually isn’t true… And you still smell.

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