Special Day

Today is a special day… it is my daughter’s birthday.  I thought this was worthy of a little reflection.

She’s 4 today… one of the tallest 4 year olds you are likely to meet. She has a fascination with crocs and alligators and has informed me that she is no longer interested in being a ballerina, but instead, she’d like to do science with dangerous creatures.  She’d like to be a herpetologist… and let me head you off at the pass there, that means someone who studies reptiles and amphibians.

I approve.

She also will no longer wear pants.  Dresses only.  I accept this, although it makes it tough in colder weather.

She still wants to fish with me and asks me to take her fishing often, although being in San Jose, that is not an easy request to fill.  I hope that she stays interested in fishing (and in me) although I know there will be an age (or decade) where that probably won’t be the case.

She has her own rod… a 2 weight and she’s played fish on it already.

I have a hopeful vision of her that goes like this.  Fast forward 20 years.  In casual conversation she mentions that she is going to go to the Bahamas to go fishing with her dad. Someone asks her how long she’s been fishing and she says “I don’t know, as long as I can remember… it is just something I’ve always done.”

At the aquarium in SF, watching the rays, sharks, pompano and one solitary baby tarpon

Happy Birthday.


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  1. Bjorn, we have our hands full with a cat, but good on you for doing everything you can to be an important part of her life. While you’re surfing YouTube, you also might want to check out this performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41-oA7HLonY

  2. Sounds like you are raising her right. Happy Birthday lizard/frog/fish girl!

  3. Happy Birthday to ABS. I love telling people that I’ve been fishing my whole life thanks to my dad. I can’t wait to go bonefishing with him for his first time in April. Should be a blast!

  4. That’s the dream Kara… glad to know it is possible!

  5. Sounds like she knows what she wants!
    She and Ethan should get together…he is convinced
    Crocs and alligators live in japan, maybe she could set him straight!

  6. She could totally set him straight!

  7. She’s a little young for it but the best book about crocodiles EVER is “Eyelids of Morning” about two scientists who go to Lake Turkana to study giant crocs. Cool pictures.

  8. Happy Birthday to your special sweetie!
    I bet she’d love it if you introduced her to some “Curly Tailed Lizzards” at some point. Oh wait!…you have to take her to the Bahama’s to do that! As if that’s ever going to happen 😉 he he!!!

    I have 3 kids myself 25, 22 and 20 and they’ve all been bitten by the travel bug although not for the same reasons as myself.

    Enjoy her as much as you can while she is young as they grow up so quickly.



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