A look ahead to 2011

2010’s days are numbered.  Not much, good or bad, is going to happen in these last few days.  So, I’m thinking about what 2011 will hold.

Bonefishing Prospects

This year I don’t have a big trip on the calendar.  I think this is going to be sort of catch-as-catch can in terms of bonefishing.  I may try to get to Florida in the next few months thanks to either cheap air-fare or frequent flier miles.  Now… I don’t know if I’m going to pull that off, but it is something I’m going to try to pull off.

In July we may get to Hawaii for a wedding and if we do get there, I’m gonna do some fish’n.  Oahu is not a really easy place to be on your own, from what I’ve read and from the folks I’ve talked to.  I am not 100% if we are going to get there or not, but it is in pencil on the calendar.

So… Florida and Hawaii mean that even if I do a couple trips this year it is entirely possible that I might not even catch a bonefish… after all, these are not easy places with complacent and accommodating fish.  Once, when I asked someone about bonefishing in Florida they told me I should fish for barracuda instead. Doesn’t inspire confidence.

The odds of me getting to fish with Chris Goldmark in Puerto Rico are low… as are the odds of me getting to Aitutaki to fish with Butch… both things I really want to do. I have to look at 2012 for one of those two trips, probably, maybe, hopefully.

Writing Project

One potentially interesting project is a writing project that I’m involved in that could spawn something worth reading… but we are probably a couple months away from really having something to announce on that with confidence.

Addition to the Family

For my folks… no, not a child.  I’m almost certainly getting a Galvan Torque 10 for things like Dorado and Tarpon and I look forward to putting that into the mix along with my bonefishing reels.  I loved the Nautilus NV, but I got gift certs to my buddies fly shop… so… I’m getting a Galvan and I’m happy about that.

The Blog Itself

It has been fun watching the blog grow over the last year and I look forward to seeing what happens in 2011.  This still isn’t a job, it’s a hobby I do in addition to my duties as a stay-at-home dad.  At some point, maybe even a point this coming year, I’m going to have to get some sort of j-o-b again, a thought that inspires something akin to a slightly premature mid-life crisis… which is nice.

Basically, I’m going to stick with it with the whole “post-a-day” thing I’ve been doing for the last while.  We’ll see where we end up and where the year takes us.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I nee some information regarding Bonefishing on St John. May be heading that way in end of March. Is it accessible on my own? What flys to use in that part of the caribean. Has anyone used a guide in St John? All help is welcome and needed. Thank you.

  2. Hey John, St. John is not a bonefish destination, but, it does have bonefish. I recently did an interview with a guide out that way… you can find that here… https://bonefishonthebrain.com/2010/12/14/interview-with-arthur-jones-from-the-usvi/
    The cliff note version looks like this… there aren’t a lot of flats in the USVI and so there aren’t a lot of bones, but they are there and they can be caught. One of the better options may be targeting baby tarpon. DIY is possible, but the couple of flats that are easily accessed have really educated fish. Beyond that… I know nothing.

  3. Glad you are sticking with the whole post a day thing. I really love checking in for a daily hit of bonefishness as bonefishing is a once a year if I’m lucky thing being stuck in the UK but I am absolutely obsessed. Great work Bjorn and thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Rich. I’ll keep after it for sure.
    You may not have bonefish in the UK, but you do have some mighty fine football… I’m a fan… Newcastle is my favorite, mostly because I love the beer, which is as good a reason as any, I suppose.

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