Top Posts from 2010

I can’t actually tell you which pages were viewed most over the year, since I’ve only been able to really track viewership since March of 2010… but, I’d bet it is pretty accurate, since about three times as many people read this little project now as did back in March.

1. My review of the Helios reel by Okuma – I wouldn’t have guessed that one would rise to the surface… but it did.

2. Costa Del Mar review – Another gear review was the second most viewed individual post.

3. Interview with Kristen Mustad, Nautilus Reels – What can I say… the guy makes awesome reels.

4. Interview with Chris Goldmark from Puerto Rico – Not a place most folks think about in terms of bonefish, but Chris catches them there.

5. Interview with Joe Gonzalez – Joe was an interview I was tracking down for months.  Glad it finally happened.

6. My review of the TFO LA 375 – Ya love the gear reviews. This one had some fun in the comments section too.

7. News about Buccaneers and Bones – Just a new item I found from the San Pedro Sun.

8. Interview with Scott Heywood, Angling Destinations – One of the first phone interviews I did and a good conversation.

9. Interview with Bruce Chard – Saltwater guru and instructor at Andros South’s Bonefish School

10. Upper Sacramento – A post about my home river, my home water and one cool picture.

I love this picture… not because it is particularly beautiful, but because it shows some of the most important water in my life…. this is from #10.

Upper Sac... Prospect

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