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It was an interesting thing to be at the IFTD show these past few days in Reno. This is a show put on by the industry for the industry and it has a different feel than those consumer focused shows where lodges are asked 300 times a day about the best hatches. There were some really fantastic folks at the show, some I’ve been talking to for years, but had never met face-to-face.  That, maybe more than anything else, is what the show is about… face time, building networks and relationships on which to build future business.

We are fortunate to live in a time with so much great gear. There is more good stuff coming out.  I had a few appointments with manufacturers and got to cast some rods and look at some reels and then there was the drinking… lots and lots of drinking. Social lubrication.

I’ll do some posts over the next few days about what exactly I saw, what I liked and think you might like.

Speaking about meeting folks, no sooner had I walked in than I saw Miles Nolte and Andrew Bennett. See, this is what the show was really about for me.

Miles Nolte and Andrew Bennett

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