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BTT has announced a new/reinvigorated DNA collection program for tarpon and bonefish. That means a little bit of Citizen Science action and an opportunity for you to participate.

We already know from tagging research that bonefish have a relatively small home range except for spawning migrations, while tarpon are capable of undergoing long-distance migrations. The goal of the Bonefish Genetics Program is to determine the extent that bonefish populations in different locations in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic are related. The goal of the Tarpon Genetics Program is to determine if there is a single, regional tarpon population or multiple sub-populations.


The data will provide invaluable information to help us guide management strategies. But, these multi-year programs will only be successful if anglers and guides participate. To obtain a bonefish genetics or tarpon genetics sampling kit, please email info@bonefishtarpontrust.org or call 321-674-7758.

I actually got to collect some fin clips back on Andros in 2011 and I’m sure the next trip I go on, I’ll be asking for a few kits myself.

A few clips from 2011

A few clips from 2011

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