Things I love about the Bahamas

When I think of the Bahamas, I think about fishing, sure, but I also think about Kalik and Conch. Conch is not one of those things you can get just anywhere. That is saying something in this day and age. You can get a Starbucks Latte in Nassau. You can get Pizza Hut and KFC in Freeport. But Conch… sure, you can get it in the Keys, but you don’t find it on menus in California.

If you have some Conch hanging around though… here’s how you make some fritters.

Goodness from Long Island.

Goodness from Long Island.

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  1. Only in my imagination in the Mid Atlantic but we are in soft shelled crab season!

  2. Doug Jeffries

    You should start a new section on your blog to list the best places for conch fritters, salad, and cracked. I gotta say that Captain Mike on the Sea Hunter and Kay at Water Cay top my list right now. And they’re going to be pretty darn hard to beat I think.

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