A tip for the Trump administration on finding leaks

OK Trump, you want to find leaks? Turn your administration inside out and fill it with water.

(Bannon says they already are)

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  1. Eric/Kingfisher

    It looks like here is something running down the leg… see the right heel! Are those your waders?

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Yeah, the right heel has a small leak and then there are about 20 small pin-prick leaks. They add up after a hour or two.

    If I can get away with not wearing waders, I won’t, but in the Bay, I’ve been wearing my waders while fishing for stripers.

    Those are mine. Redington Sonic waders from 2-3 years ago (maybe longer?). I’m not fishing my rivers so much that I go through a pair of waders in a season like I used to.

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